5 Ways to Develop Yourself as a Leader

Higher Ed Leadership Series

Congratulations! You’ve stepped into your role as a senior leader… now what?

It’s normal to feel overwhelmed as you integrate into a new team and transition from being an individual contributor to a leader. This is also the time when imposter syndrome is real. You may be asking yourself, “Am I really qualified to be a leader? What makes a good leader, anyway?”

You already know I got you covered. Here are 5 easy ways to begin developing your leadership skills and set yourself up for success in your new role:

1) Understand Your Leadership Style

There’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to leadership. Understanding and leveraging your unique strengths is the key to finding your groove as a leader.

Think about what others would say you’re a “natural” at. Are you great at delegating? Motivating others? Are you a good listener? A confident decision-maker? Knowing your natural strengths (and weaknesses) as a leader is the first step.

Our free Leadership Superpower Quiz can help you identify your authentic leadership style!

2) Practice Delegating

A key tenet of leadership is your ability to get work done through others. However, this is something that a lot of new leaders struggle with. Master the art of delegation, and you’re well on your way to a successful leadership journey.

Need help loosening the reins? Check out our blog post on The 20% Rule: A New Leader’s Guide to Delegating.

3) Develop Your Listening Skills

Being an effective leader isn’t about having all the answers. The ability to listen will help you create better relationships with your team, inspire brand loyalty, and foster employee engagement and innovation. (leaders.com)

Next time you’re in a meeting with your direct reports, practice listening more than you talk. You may be surprised at how this simple shift can change the relationship dynamic!

4) Be a Lifelong Learner

Never assume that you know it all. There will always be room to develop yourself both as a leader and an expert in your field. Dedicate yourself to continual learning, whether that means catching up on industry research once a week, attending a leadership conference, or simply taking advantage of your company’s L&D resources.

5) Work with a Coach

Ok, shameless self-plug… but working with a Leadership Development Coach is the most effective way to get personalized support and develop your skills as a leader. Your coach can help you work through the specific challenges you’re facing, understand your authentic leadership style, and provide proven tools and strategies for engaging your team, improving productivity, and handling any issues that arise.

Want to learn more about our tailored leadership coaching programs? Visit our coaching page! (Or view our programs tailored to Higher Ed leaders here)

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