maybe you've Sifted through leadership books, podcasts, and advice from those around you on how to be an impactful leader.

but It’s going to take a focused strategy to help you transition from top subject matter expert to top leader.

You want to hit the ground running without making a costly mistake, but the undertaking is overwhelming.

You’ve hesitated to ask for help because you fear being perceived as unqualified for your role and don’t know where to turn.

It’s time to get out of your own way and take action to become the executive superstar everyone expects you to be - with a                          at your side every step of the way.

trusted coach

You’ve just been promoted to a new executive leadership role.


These programs thoughtfully walks you through the strategies it takes to            in your position with your new team, without guesswork, stress, and burnout.


Experience the ease of simply showing up as yourself each day 

Cultivate human-centered team synergy

Lead your team to winning outcomes

Get exposed to other high-profile projects, opportunities, and connections

Exceed the expectations of your boss, team, and colleagues across your organization

Your opportunity to pause, gain clarity, and build your toolkit for success.

So much waits on the other side of discovering your leadership superpower. 



Wondering if a Leadership Lab experience is for you? Check out this short video to learn more about our approach to leadership coaching, and some of the ways we can help you grow as a leader.

What to expect when working with us

The Leadership collective
(Group coaching)

The Leadership Lab Intensive



Our coaching programs are designed to provide you with proven strategies to help support you through your key moments in your leadership journey. Whether you choose 1:1 or group coaching, you will work alongside a coach who will guide you to help create that impactful team.

Your coaching options

Over time, I’ve cultivated such a strategy - one that has proven to help leaders at organizations like JetBlue and Columbia University lead confidently in their authentic way and ultimately achieve the results they seek. It’s your turn to experience this too within our coaching program!


How it all works


As we wrap up the program, we’ll make adjustments and calibrate your behaviors to better achieve your goals. We’ll continue to audit your work as you progress.

Phase Four: Adjust


Now it’s time for our plan to get in motion. We’ll take your development plan and craft strategies that assist you in introducing your team to a new and improved approach to leadership.

Phase Three: Action


Next, we’ll create a leadership development plan. We’ll align your leadership style with the needs of your team or other stakeholders, to position your leadership as an all-around advantage.

Phase Two: Align


During the first few weeks, through assessments we’ll discover your unique leadership style and roadblocks so you can understand how you collaborate best with others, and carve out a plan to achieve massive success.

Phase One: Assess

I'm Ready!

Looking for more? Customized add-on solutions are available!

So you have a private channel to network and learn alongside other leaders who are on similar journeys. You will also have access to “voice note coaching” for just in time 1-on-1 coaching when needed.

Exclusive Slack Channel + Voice Note Coaching

So you can have just-in-time resources at your fingertip whenever you need them.

Leadership Resource Toolkit

So you feel supported and guided as you implement your new personalized plan.


So we can craft a unique development plan aligned to your leadership goals.

Strategic Development Plan

So we can dive deep and uncover your authentic leadership style as well as the roadblocks getting in the way of your effectiveness.

Personalized Assessment

So you can leverage my signature framework to support your leadership journey and include real-time troubleshooting. 

6 Private High-Impact Strategy Calls

What it includes:

A three-month, 1:1, leadership strategy coaching program for business, university, and non-profit leaders to gain individual support. Gain the confidence, skills, and most importantly, a sounding board to help you lead more effectively.


THIS PROGRAM includes everYthing iN the leadership lab inTENsive but in a COLLABORATIVE group setting.

A 3-month group coaching program designed for new and established leaders, in business, university, and non-profit settings, to equip themselves with the strategies to be a leader everyone respects. Being a part of such an exclusive, highly impactful community of leaders can uniquely position you to lead a top-performing team through a shared, curated learning experience.

You’re a perfectionist who believes that no one can do the tasks like you can. 

You’re in search of a quick way to get your team to do what you say. 

You’re not open to change or diving deep to uncover your authentic leadership style.

You’re not willing to do the work (Hiring a leadership coach is pretty much just a box for you to check on your to-do list.)

You’re a supervisor preparing to let a subordinate go and this program serves as a legal prerequisite. 

These programs are not the best fit if:

You’re recently promoted from subject matter expert to first-time leader with entirely different challenges

You’re the boss in a new field who realizes you need a new way to lead in a different industry.

You’ve resisted asking for help for fear of being seen as incapable and inexperienced.

You’re handed a leadership book, emailed some training links, and are expected to hit the ground running. 

Our leadership coaching programs are perfect for you if:

CHAIR, African American and African Studies Department MICHIGAN STATE UNIVERSITY

Before hiring LaToya, I read every leadership book recommended to me and consulted with friends who were also leaders in their respective fields. As a result of working with her, I’ve gained increased confidence in my ability to lead and also received some real time problem solving techniques that work! I found additional capacity to lead from my strengths and gifts which gave me more courage to bring all of who I am to meet the moment. The best part of working with her is experiencing trustworthy, reliable, professional camaraderie that made me feel like I was not at all alone in my new leadership journey. I appreciated that she saw and heard me for who I am and encouraged me to try new practices that made for better results.

Our Results Speak for Themselves.

see what our clients have to say:

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You’ll leave this session feeling prepared to tackle your leadership challenge or step into your new role with confidence.

This is perfect for you if:

  • You generally feel confident as a leader, but you’re experiencing a specific challenge that you can’t seem to remedy on your own, and you want expert support to guide you to the best solution.

  • You’re new to leadership and want a safe sounding board to help you work through any fears or uncertainties, and map out the vision you desire for your leadership journey.

  • You have a pressing issue and need a quick resolution so you can address it head-on.

A one-day (6-hour) intensive leadership coaching experience designed to help you understand your natural leadership style and how to leverage that style to work through team conflicts, tense relationships, DEI issues, or other sticky workplace situations.

Need help tackling a specific leadership challenge?


in 1 day ?


Take immediate action and get started today.

Your reputation and efforts don’t have to be on the line. It’s time you lead by design