Higher Ed Leaders: 3 Tips for Balancing Your Work & Team Responsibilities

Higher Ed Leadership Series

As we get into the start of the semester, higher ed leaders are extremely busy with critical meetings, deadlines, and managing administrative staff. But don’t allow your intense schedule to deprioritize team engagement.

Remember, your team IS your work – it’s now your responsibility to get work done through them! Part of the transition from individual contributor to leader requires you to integrate your workload with your team responsibilities.

Here are 3 tips to help you balance your workload with your team responsibilities as a leader:

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1) Block time on your calendar for connecting with your team. This includes time for team meetings, 1:1s with direct reports, and even office hours strictly for your team members. This also includes time for you to work on team-related tasks, such as preparing for performance reviews, planning team building events, or sending a quick note of appreciation to a hard-working team member!

2) Schedule your team meetings and events for the semester (maybe even for the year) in advance. This will prevent your calendar from filling up and not being able to find time in the future.

3) Incorporate at least one team-related agenda item in your meetings with your boss. This is your opportunity to share a team update or need (remember, you are your team’s advocate!).

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed with your new responsibilities as a senior leader. But it’s important to prioritize engaging, motivating, and connecting with your team. Otherwise, this essential piece of the leadership puzzle can easily get lost in the shuffle.

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