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You have a ton of accolades and successes under your belt, but you never received the manual on how to lead your unique new team. You've tapped your network, colleagues, and internal development resources for insight, but you're struggling to put the pieces together to find what works for YOU.

Or maybe you are a leader who is responsible for the talent in your organization and are beginning to experience some retention and culture concerns. You know you need to get in front of the issues but don’t know where to start. You want a trusted advisor to help you sort through challenges and identify the right strategy.

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If either of these sound like you, 

you've come to the right place.

We specialize in helping organizations cultivate effective workplaces, and supporting women of color leaders in higher ed, tech, and other expert-driven organizations to find their unique leadership blueprint.

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Leverage our expertise and facilitation skills to create bespoke leadership development workshops and design thinking solutions.

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Retain us to develop customized strategic HR/talent solutions, program design, and process effectiveness to support and strengthen your organization.

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Gain support from a coach to enhance your leadership skills with the untapped innate style that only you possess. We work in partnership to support you in achieving your goals.

The Leadership Lab Experience

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Whether you are a senior-level executive who leads a new department, a university official taking the reigns for the first time at a new school, a organization in need of custom consulting solutions, or even an entrepreneur who just hired a team to support your growing business,

We serve individuals and organizations in and outside of the traditional corporate model.



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Lead By Design Lab provides coaching and consulting services in leadership development, team effectiveness, and strategic planning. 

For new leaders, we use a tailored approach to foster growth in their new role.

For organizations in need of consulting solutions, we specialize in customized talent strategies that respond to your organization’s external factors and ever-growing needs. 

I built Lead by Design Lab to support leaders in unique and human-centric ways. We win when we guide you and your team to achieve maximum effectiveness and impact.

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Lead by Design Lab.

Get to Know

Oana Amaria
Practice Leader,
Firefly Inclusion Solutions

"I've had the pleasure of watching LaToya, year after year, flex her style and approach depending on her audience... She is a systems thinker with a big picture view and enough experience in her back pocket to point out all the potholes you may hit along the way. LaToya will give you honest feedback, but also help you build a plan to get you where you want to be. "

Dr. Donna Bacon Gilbert
Founder, Mid-Nassau Lend a Helping Hand Inc.

"Latoya has facilitated several leadership, and team, development workshops for the team. Through LaToya’s work, the team has greatly evolved its working relationship and have become a more effective unit.  We feel extremely fortunate to work with her. Her expertise, energetic style, and authentic demeanor allowed the team to connect with her and the content in a unique way." 


"For the past five years, we've collaborated with LaToya to design and lead human-centered experiences of all kinds. She has the ability to be strategic, creative, and tactical - all at the same time. However, my favorite part of working with LaToya is her lighthearted, straight-talking, full-of-love approach to collaboration. It is so refreshing. She absolutely embodies the change we want to see in the world!"

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