Travel Tips for Boss Moms: 3 Ways to Stay Connected to Your Kids

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Do you struggle with “mommy guilt” when you have to travel for work? Do your little ones have a hard time whenever you have to leave for another trip?

I had a lot of work trips come up this year, and it was taking its toll in the Jordan household. The kids would get upset every time I had to leave, and I would be stressed the entire trip wondering how they were doing.

So I looked to the internet and various parenting resources to find some ways I could stay connected to my kiddos and make business trips easier for all of us. I tried a few travel tips I found, and they were a hit! So I wanted to share them with my fellow Boss Moms (or Boss Parents).

Here are 3 ways to stay connected to your kids on your next business trip:

1) Toy Tag-a-long

Bring each of your kids’ favorite toys along with you. Throughout the trip, take pictures of the toys in different locations to send back home and chronicle their “adventure!”

Sally and White Car came along with me to Grand Rapids, Detroit, and Memphis!

2) Countdown

Make a countdown that your kids can refer to to see how many days until you’re back home! This will help them to conceptualize the timeline so the trip doesn’t feel so long.

3) Mommy Mail

Create cards with an activity for your kids to do each day that you’re away. Put them in separate envelopes for them to open their “Mommy Mail” every day!

Here are some of the activities I included:

Dance Party – They put on their favorite song and send a video of them dancing

Scavenger Hunt – Send them on a search for items throughout the house. Have them take a picture once they’ve gathered all the items.

Reading with Mommy – They send a video of them reading a book, and I send a video back

These travel tips have been a Godsend in the Jordan household, so be sure to save them for your next work trip! I hope this helps you to feel more connected to your children and ease everyone’s stress when it’s time to travel for work. You’ve got this, Boss Mom!

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