5 Signs it’s Time to Hire a Leadership Coach


How do you know when it’s time to hire a leadership coach? What exactly does a leadership coach do, anyway? If you’re an executive in a corporate role, non-profit, higher ed, or even as an entrepreneur, you may have considered working with a coach – but you probably have some questions.

So let’s break down 5 signs that it’s time to hire a leadership coach:

1) On-the-job training is lacking

I talk to many new leaders who feel like they were promoted to an executive role and then hung out to dry. Their company may have offered a leadership workshop as part of their training, but they felt ill-prepared once they stepped into their new role.

How do I effectively motivate and engage my team?
How do I handle team conflicts or communication issues?
How do I delegate without micromanaging?

If you don’t feel confident in your answers to these questions… it’s probably time to talk to a coach.

2) You feel like an imposter in your role

You may find yourself in a leadership position as a result of your expertise in your field. But being a subject matter expert doesn’t quite translate into knowing how to lead a team. Maybe you never even aspired to a leadership position in the first place, but feel obligated to take on this role.

And due to your accolades, there is an expectation that you will know how to succeed in your new role. So you don’t feel like you can speak up and admit that you’re not confident in your leadership abilities.

If you’re feeling like an imposter in your new role, it’s time to talk to a coach.

3) You need a sounding board

Being a leader can feel incredibly isolating. You feel like you “should” know all the answers, so you can’t go to your colleagues, superiors, or your team and admit that you don’t entirely know what you’re doing.

Your coach is someone who you can let your hair down and get real with about the challenges you’re facing. They are there to be a sounding board, as well as offer the tools and advice you need to gain confidence in your leadership abilities.

4) You need personalized advice

Sure, you can look up general leadership advice and find thousands of blog posts with “5 tips for handling team conflict.” But in reality, there are nuances to every situation and cookie-cutter advice may end up doing more harm than good.

A leadership coach will be able to gain an understanding of your unique situation and challenges and provide customized advice to point you in the right direction.

P.S. The best time to hire a coach is before things hit the fan and you’re in “fire drill” mode.

5) You want to understand & develop your unique leadership style

When I first entered the corporate leadership world, I felt like I was being stuffed into a box that I didn’t fit in. I was constantly surrounded by ideas of what a leader looks like or how a leader acts. But what I realized was that I can still lead effectively while being my authentic self (in fact, I can lead more effectively as my authentic self).

And that’s why I started Lead By Design Lab – to help other leaders identify their uniqueness, and then leverage that uniqueness in their leadership approach.

Through our 4 A’s Framework, we begin with an assessment to identify your distinctive leadership style. Then, we develop a plan to align your leadership style with the needs of your team. From there, we begin implementing this plan within your team, and make adjustments as you progress. Our goal is for you to reach a point of feeling confident in your abilities as a leader, and equipped with the tools you need as you advance in your career.


“Before hiring LaToya, I read every leadership book recommended to me and consulted with friends who were also leaders in their respective fields. As a result of working with her, I’ve gained increased confidence in my ability to lead and also received some real time problem solving techniques that work! The best part of working with her is experiencing trustworthy, reliable, professional camaraderie that made me feel like I was not at all alone in my new leadership journey.”


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