The Real Reason You’re Burned Out (And How To Fix It)


Are you constantly feeling exhausted after work? Maybe you wake up feeling drained no matter how much sleep you’ve gotten the night before. Do you feel like you don’t have time to take a break because you could be using that time to do something productive? 

Being a leader means you always have a million-and-one things on your to-do list, which can be overwhelming. This can quickly lead to burnout if you’re not managing your workload properly.

One of the biggest reasons why leaders burnout is because they’re trying to do everything themselves.

“But Latoya, I’ve tried delegating tasks before, and I spend all my time correcting mistakes and re-doing work!” Okay, maybe you’ve tried delegating, and you find it’s only adding stress to your plate and zapping your energy rather than helping you focus.

I know I’ve talked before about how delegating work can take some stress off your plate, but this is an important skill that every leader should know. Struggling with preparing for a big presentation, but also have emails to answer and reports to run and distribute? Which of these things can you teach your team to help you with, so you have more time to focus on the things only you can do?

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again – there is a difference between things that can only be done by you and those you think you could do better than someone else.  

Here are a few tips to get your delegation skills to the top of the game and help you regain some time and energy:

1) Identify the tasks that you complete on a daily or weekly basis

Make a list of everything you do and identify the items on the list that you are solely responsible for. Then ask yourself – can you teach someone else to do these tasks, or do they require your specific area of expertise? For example, you can teach someone to run a daily report or format a presentation.

2) Have the right training procedures in place

It’s important to properly train your team and set the right expectations to get the work quality you desire. Does your team know exactly what is required of them? Have you set clear expectations about your deliverables? If delegating work is causing more harm than good, it may be time to revisit your training procedures.

3) Understand that part of being a leader is being able to coach and communicate

If there are communication breakdowns or unmet expectations, how are you handling them? Are you taking the time to correct behavior, or are you simply taking on the burden of the task you originally delegated? 

Ready to get some work off your plate without sacrificing quality? Let me help! 

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LaToya Jordan, Leadership Development Coach

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