Four Tips to Maintaining Your Crew as a Boss Mom

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One of the most underused tools for working mothers is keeping your crew.  For some reason, as moms, we often isolate ourselves from others in service of taking care of the family and home.  It typically is not an intentional plan, but one that slowly becomes a reality as more and more time is spent managing the family, which creates less time for those relationships outside of the home.  There is just so much to do that we do not find time to cultivate and maintain relationships.  

The reality is that we need relationships outside of the home for many, many reasons.  These relationships can serve as outlets to vent,  last-minute sitters, receive much-needed suggestions, and other support mechanisms. But the number one reason for maintaining your friend circle is sanity. It is that simple to me.  

As a Boss Mom, friends have given me some sanity in an often hectic life.  From quick coffee chats to updates via social media to book, podcast, or show suggestions; to a good hearty laugh; friends provide an opportunity to take a mental break from the laundry list of things (likely to include laundry) that need to be done for the family.  Sanity can also come in the form of hearing about someone else’s life to remind you that you’re not alone, and your experience is not uncommon.   All of these things are extremely helpful to your mental health, which is the key to being a healthy, whole Boss Mom!

Here are a few tips to stay connected with your crew after adding “mom” to your resume.

  • Send a text or card to three of your closest friends.  Some topics you could use could be:  “thinking of you,”; “thank you for always being there,”; “want to laugh today?” “remember that time when…” Any of these topics would undoubtedly bring a smile to your friends’ faces and keep your connection tight.

  • Hold a virtual coffee break, pizza party, or “wine” down. While living in our current pandemic environment has moved most social interaction to the virtual world, as boss moms, this has been a go-to tool because getting out of the house can be virtually impossible (pun intended).  So, meeting up with your friends virtually can help you mentally step outside of your environment and connect with others.

  • Have a set day of the week/month for check-in with your friends.  For example, on the first Saturday of the month at 8 am, you speak with your bestie from college.

  • Take a “mommy time out” vacation.  The duration and location are entirely flexible, depending on your situation.  But a short hotel stay with your girlfriends could be just what you need to give yourself a pause and a good, hearty laugh.

Whatever you decide to do, be sure to look for ways to stay connected with your friends.  They will be a necessary outlet when you need them most.

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