Building a Business During a Pandemic: Lessons Learned

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Ok, if you’ve been following this series you know that I’ve recently shifted from life as a corporate executive to having my own consulting practice.  Certainly it was not the plan to make such a monumental change in the middle of a global pandemic.  But it is what it is and forward movement is the name of the game!  

At first, fear struck me as it did all small business owners.  Then I realized building this practice in the midst of major adversity would simply strengthen me as a business owner.  Below are a few key steps I took to make sure me and my business stood strong during this time – but really, they’re simply good strategies to have in your business arsenal anytime there’s a big shift or a change.

Reassess your landscape.  Perhapsyou planned to deliver services in person.  Within this COVID landscape, it may be necessary to see if that is still feasible.  If not, develop a game plan to deliver services differently.  For example, can you deliver some things in person but shift part of your business model to virtual work?  

Sharpen new skills.  The world has truly shifted right in front of our eyes.  So, the skills you needed before to run your business may be slightly different in this new normal.  Do you need to learn new technology to be effective?  Do you need to learn how to manage a virtual team?  Do you need to learn to market differently or use a different marketing platform?  Take a moment to consider what new skills you will need to master in this new environment.

Review your business plan.  This may be a tough one.  But it is important to take a close look at your business model to see if there needs to be any changes made to your approach.  Are these the right services right now?  Is there something adjacent you can offer to support your audience during this time?  Is it necessary to push pause on your original plan and move forward with something slightly different for now?  These are all questions you should be asking yourself to align to the conditions that COVID created.  

In the end, building a business during this global pandemic can absolutely be done!  It requires a bit of honest reflection and willingness to pivot where necessary.  Who knows, the adjustments you make may take you down an even more successful journey. 

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