Why I Shifted Course from Corporate Mom to Boss Mom

boss mom

As a Boss Mom, I wear several hats. The most important ones are my wife and mom hat. Having my children has been my best work. While it has been an enormous learning curve, I was made to mama these kids. And although I would choose them every day, my choice to care for my family hasn’t diluted my desire to follow my professional journey. In fact, it has heightened it. I want to continue to lead with purpose. I want to continue to build strong leaders and organizations. I want to live out my whole purpose as a family woman and a boss. 

When the opportunity presented itself to work for myself doing what I love while being the type of nurturing family person I wanted to be, I jumped with both feet high off the ground. I took a leap of faith and have not looked back. 

To be clear, there are definite moments of trepidation as I continue to build. But there are a few moments I have that remind me of my “why” and re-energizes me for this journey:

  • Having a meal with my kids during my workday

  • Hearing the sounds of joy coming from the kids while I’m working

  • Taking on a new client who started a business and needs some direction on the “people stuff”

  • Going for a walk to meet up with my husband while he’s working

  • Accommodating a client’s schedule with a super early (or late night) call

What I am clear about on this entrepreneurial path is that while there is anxiety at times, there is also freedom. Freedom allows me to be there for my family, friends, and clients in creative, authentic ways. That makes the journey worth it.

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  1. Megan says:

    Freedom>Trepidation. Love it.