The 3-Step BOSS Mom Method to Mastering Your Schedule

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As a Boss Mom, being extremely busy is commonplace. We’re typically juggling our kids’ active schedule, work meetings, house management, and perhaps even civic commitments. Sometimes, we may look around and wonder how on earth we’ll get it all done. 

The answer is simple, and it’s one that Boss Moms know well: Make a plan and stick to it. As Boss Moms, we’re accustomed to creating plans for our lives as business leaders. We’re used to seeing the end goal and articulating the strategy to get there. We live by timelines, milestones, and deadlines at work. 

So, consider transferring those skills to your mom life. How? Well, below are a few tips to use your already-honed planning skills to make being a Boss Mom manageable. 

Find a simple-to-use calendar system. 

Then schedule your day and live by it.  Put the small and large things on the calendar, so you have a clear understanding of your day.  I also color-code my calendar. This allows me to take inventory of the types of things I’m spending my time on for that day and make adjustments as needed.  

And bonus points if the calendar system is shareable to family members! For example, my husband and I use Google Calendar to keep each other in the loop on our schedules. This makes appointments visible to both of us, especially kids’ doctors’ visits, maintenance appointments, etc. We also use it to show one another business appointments outside of work hours when we’ll need support with the kids.  For example, if I need to take a business call at 7 pm, I’ll add it to our family calendar, so my husband has a line of sight to that and knows that he will need to manage the kids during this call.

Make a list and check it twice.  

I live by a to-do list.  So, it made sense for me to create a Boss Mom To-Do List. It helps me keep track of everything I have to do and feel a sense of accomplishment when I get to check items off the list.  

Some people prefer to use good, old-fashioned paper and pen.  If that’s you, splurge on a pretty notebook and pen.  That way, you’ll still feel like a queen even when writing out your list.  But if you’re like me, you may prefer an electronic method to take notes.  Personally, I use Asana and love it.  But I’ve also heard people use  Bottom line, find a platform that works for you, and use it religiously.

Treat yourself!  

As a Boss Mom, you’re always going a mile a minute, and you rarely ever stop to smell the roses.  Well, if not now, when?  As you’re building your schedule and creating your to-do list, add a small moment for yourself.  It could be as little as five minutes to jam to your favorite artist or a 30-minute yoga class break, or even the task of ordering yourself some flowers.  Whatever it is, do something to honor yourself and your efforts.  Thank me later!

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