3 Simple Ways to take a breather as a BOSS Mom

boss mom

As a boss mom, have you ever turned around and realized that you just need a MINUTE??  That was definitely a realization I had recently – perhaps amplified by all that the pandemic brought, but whew chile! I started to feel like I was on all the time and just wanted a quick breather.  I was either working on projects for my business or managing family life.  What’s more, with the pandemic, it was all happening in one place where physical boundaries practically vanished.   I needed some air and fast! 

I quickly gathered myself and found some simple, fairly uncomplicated ways to catch my breath.  Here are three tried and true approaches that I use for a quick woosah moment:

Enjoy a private screening. At the end of the day after putting the kiddos to bed, I put on my AirPods and watch a tv show on my mobile device.  This may seem a bit basic, but there are a couple of nuances that make this a joyful moment for me.  First, instead of trying to peel the remote from my husband’s hand (because we all know how that can become a thing), I create a small cocoon of bliss just for me.  Picture it: I’m lying in bed with my iPhone and Hulu, and the AirPods allow me to drown the world out.  Watching This is Us with surround sound just makes me feel like I’m right in the room with Randall and Beth! 

Go for a drive. With gas prices being what they are, this one can be tricky.  But every now and again, I grab an iced coffee (ok, and a donut!) and I get “lost” in a neighborhood.  Sometimes, I’ll blast the music. Other times, I drive in silence and just think. Either way, it feels good to have a minute. Pro tip: Travel to an ideal neighborhood and daydream about living there.

Color. Now, you would think as a mom of a toddler the last thing I would want to see is another coloring book.  But the adult coloring books are a nice break from the world.  I bought one of those books and a set of colored pencils. I grab the supplies along with a glass of wine (because…duh!) and lose myself in shades of blue.  It’s a simple option that allows me to relax and brings out creative energy.  Pro tip: There are tons of different topics for these coloring books. Find one that will allow you to lose yourself.

At the end of the day, regardless of what you choose, find something that fits your circumstance while allowing you to take the break you sorely need. Trust me, you’ll be even more of Boss Mom on the other side of this breather!

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