Boss Mom Tips: 3 Ways to Reset From Stressful Moments

boss mom

I’m not going to lie. Sometimes, being a Boss Mom is HARD. Ok, MOST of the time it’s hard! You have two full-time jobs that you love and you can’t imagine either role not being a part of your life. 

So what do you do when you’re at the breaking point with stress? Here  are my three top  sure-fire approaches that get me through funky moments:

  1. Have a dance party for one. Now, I don’t mean bopping side-to-side in my office chair. When I’m feeling stressed or overwhelmed, I click on a Pass The Mic YouTube video, get out of my chair and sing and dance like I’m a teenager again. This is typically accompanied by some giggles because clearly I no longer have all the moves, and my voice was never likened to Whitney Houston’s. But, with the moves, the elevated voice, and the laughter, I’m having fun and the endorphins are flowing. This activity gets a 10/10 in my book every time! 

  2. Review a previous journal entry. I’m a huge fan of journaling, as is evidenced by all my filled notebooks. But, one practice I’ve implemented to help me destress is reading past journal entries. Whether it’s my gratitude list or a passage about my hopes and dreams, reading a past entry almost always regrounds me and snaps me out of my stress bubble. Some entries even inspire me to stand in my Boss Mom-ness! So, it’s one of my new favorite things to do. Plus, it gives me a reason to dust off my old journals. 

  3. Start the day with a guided meditation. This is a new practice I’ve started when I sense I’m going to have one of “those” days. You know what I’m talking about. It’s when you look at your calendar and you get a feeling in the pit of your stomach that you’re in for some challenging experiences. When I review my calendar at the beginning of the day (it’s the first thing I do when I sit at my desk with my glass of iced coffee), I take inventory of how I’m feeling. Am I excited, anxious, curious, or annoyed? Depending on my response, I’ll go to my playlist and begin a guided meditation. The one I love is from Pause and Expand. It really helps me set my intentions on how I plan to move around the day. Typically, it calms me and sets me on great footing to be productive for the day. 


    What I love about these practices is that they’re simple and you likely have everything you need to do them already in your possession. Oh, and you don’t have to be a Boss Mom to use these.  So get up and dance. I dare you!!

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