One Simple Shift to Overcome Your Imposter Syndrome Instantly

Imposter Syndrome

Are you feeling intimidated by your own title? Maybe you recently got promoted or started leading a new team, and you’re wondering if you can live up to the role. It’s called imposter syndrome folks, and it’s something many of my clients struggle with.

Here’s the thing: You wouldn’t have been put in that role if the organization didn’t believe you could add tremendous value.

But if you’re shrinking yourself down because you’re afraid to fail or be “found out” as a fraud, you’re depriving yourself, your team, and your organization of the value you could truly provide. So it’s important that you get to the root of what’s causing your imposter syndrome and silence that voice of self-doubt so you can feel confident in your role.

Let me introduce you to Linda

Linda is a senior leader at a large non-profit organization. She has the credentials – a Masters in Social work and many years of experience under her belt. But, she has trouble speaking up in meetings and openly sharing her ideas. Her boss came to me because she saw so much potential in Linda, but was worried that her lack of confidence was preventing her from showing up effectively in her role.

P.S. Imposter syndrome isn’t just a “you” thing – it affects how you show up in your role, and it’s noticeable to others.

After talking with Linda, we realized that her competitive work environment made it hard for her to speak up, out of fear that she would say the wrong thing. One mistake felt like it would be the downfall of her career. This also made it difficult for her to ask for help, because she didn’t want to be “found out” that she didn’t have all the answers.

The biggest shift we made was having Linda “verify” these beliefs. When she would speak up in meetings, was is true that others weren’t receptive to her ideas, or was this just in her head? This simple mindset shift made a huge difference, as she realized that most of these self-critical thoughts weren’t based in reality. (Hint: they usually aren’t)

Let’s Kick Imposter Syndrome to the Curb

Imposter Syndrome is one of my favorite things to help leaders work through during my VIP Day sessions. In just a few hours, I’m able to SEE the immediate shift in confidence.

It’s not just 6 hours of me hyping you up (although to be clear, that may be part of it). During this session, we dig deep to identify what is at the root of your imposter syndrome and what triggers this sense of self-doubt for you.

Then, we’ll go over some customized tools you can use to move through those triggers and feel more secure and confident in your role.

How would your team dynamics change if you felt secure in your leadership abilities?

Let’s find out. Click here to book a call today and ask about our VIP Day sessions.

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