It Takes a Village: 5 Easy Steps to Delegate Like a Boss Mom

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As a Boss Mom, you’re likely used to taking care of most things yourself.  So, the lever of support may not be one that you pull often.  Well, listen up! To be a successful Boss Mom, you need to pull it as often as possible.  You need to be at your best to perform well at work and at home.  

That means focusing on the things that only you can do and delegating the rest.  This allows you to expend your energy in the right places and not waste it in unnecessary ways. 

I know, I know…it’s all necessary.   But it doesn’t necessarily need to be done by you

I’ve talked about the importance of delegating at work previouslyIt’s equally as important to delegate at home too. But this may look different at home than it does at work because you likely have a team of people at work to delegate to.  At home, there are likely things you would love to spread the work around but may not be sure how to go about it or do not have the resources to delegate as much as you would like to. Below are some steps to take to realign tasks at home.

  • Make a list of tasks you are solely responsible for (e.g., laundry, bookkeeping, cooking, etc.)

  • Star the tasks only you are capable of doing (e.g., breastfeeding)

  • For the remaining items, consider if there is someone else in the house who can be given these tasks

  • Is there a service available to complete these tasks (e.g., cleaning service, meal kits, dog walkers, etc.)?

  • Take at least three tasks and delegate them to someone in the home or a service.

There is one clarification that is important to offer as you complete this exercise.  Remember, there’s a difference between things that can genuinely only be done by you and those you simply think you do better than someone else.  While you may cook like a chef, if there’s some other way for your family to receive sustenance, it does not receive a star.  

And here’s a pro tip: Consider leveraging other moms for support.  Is there a mom that needs a babysitter?  Perhaps you babysit one night for her, and in return, she cooks a meal or two for your family and brings it over. There are lots of ways you could trade tasks with moms to reduce the things that zap your energy and focus instead on other things.  Regardless of your approach, finding ways to receive support as a busy boss mom is essential to your physical and mental health.  So, run, don’t walk, to find some help today!

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