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Competent And Savvy Leader

It’s no coincidence that LaToya has branded her company as “Lead by Design” because it describes the essence of the work LaToya does beautifully. She is a competent and savvy leader that is strategic at her core, but also displays a level of authentic humbleness that is hard to come by.

By working with LaToya you will gain a thoughtful partner that is collaborative and fierce in helping you achieve your goals. She is a systems thinker with a big picture view and enough experience in her back pocket to point out all the potholes you may hit along the way.

LaToya will give you honest feedback, but also help you build a plan to get you where you want to be. Working in the people and culture space can be hard, taxing work but you wouldn’t know it talking to LaToya. She is a great reminder to all of us that one can be exceptional in what you do and still have fun while you’re doing it. – Oana Amaria, Practice Leader, Firefly Inclusion Solutions

Powerful. Honest. Creative.

For the past five years, we’ve collaborated with LaToya to design and lead human-centered experiences of all kinds. She has the ability to be strategic, creative, and tactical – all at the same time. However, my favorite part of working with LaToya is her lighthearted, straight-talking, full-of-love approach to collaboration. It is so refreshing. She absolutely embodies the change we want to see in the world!” – Anna Love,** Co-founder, Stoked

Fun To Work With

I have had the distinct pleasure of working within LaToya as part of an ongoing engagement with the Mid-Nassau Lend a Helping Hand’s board of directors. She has facilitated several leadership and team development workshops for the team.

Through LaToya’s work, the team has greatly evolved its working relationship and have become a more effective unit. We feel extremely fortunate to work with her. Her expertise, energetic style, and authentic demeanor allowed the team to connect with her and the content in a unique way. LaToya is accessible to her audience, flexible in her training design, and most of all, fun to work with. We look forward to continuing to leverage her company in future sessions with the board. – Dr. Donna Bacon Gilbert, Founder and Executive Director, Mid-Nassau Lend a Helping Hand Inc.