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Leadership Development Labs

At the core of Lead By Design Lab is a belief that leading on purpose will have a positive effect on the work environment.  We strive to help leaders make the decision to be an effective leader every day through our guided workshops and trainings.  Experiential labs such as Dynamic Leadership 101, Leading Lean, and Effective Coaching are some examples of labs we offer to leaders.



Team Effectiveness consulting

When you put two or more people together, there is an immediate “dynamic” that surrounds them.  To ensure that dynamic remains effective, incorporating fundamental effective team practices is important.  Lead By Design Lab works with teams to put these practices in place.  We will also audit teams to see how we may support improving the way the team works together.  From team assessments, new team assimilation, to team retreats, we will develop a customized approach to best meet the team’s needs.


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Professional development coaching

Professional development and performance coaching provide ways for individuals to work one-on-one on an array of topics such as work transitions, career growth, and leadership performance.  Using various tools throughout the coaching experience, the coach guides the experience to achieve the individual’s identified goals. 


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Organizational Development

Lead By Design Lab continues to invest in the growth and development of organizations by providing strategic consulting services in three areas of expertise: strategic planning, business design, and talent development.  As a trusted business advisor, our goal is to ensure that your organization is properly prepared to execute the strategy set.  Examples of some tools used include:

Strategic Planning & Development
Program Design
Survey Design/Analysis
Change Management/Process Effectiveness
Talent Development training  


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Design thinking labs

For the past seven years, teaching executives human-centered design principles at Stanford University has been a unique aspect of our work. Now Lead By Design Lab travels around the world creating experiences where we teach these principles to leaders in various industries.  Leaders learn how to problem solve differently and develop creative solutions with the end-user in mind!


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