Kick imposter syndrome to the curb & start showing up as a                    , effective, and respected leader


For BIPOC women Leaders


April 19, 2023 @ 6PM ET

You’re worried you’re not actually qualified for your role, and that you’ll be exposed as a fraud. (Do I really belong here, or am I just the “token Black woman”?)

You’re constantly second-guessing your decisions, your authority, and your effectiveness as a leader. You compare yourself to others and always feel like you’re falling short.

You feel pressure to always say and do everything perfectly, as if others are just waiting for you to fail.

You feel isolated, being “the only” (or one of the only) in a predominantly white and male-dominated role.

You feel like you’re carrying the weight of the entire community on your shoulders. (If I fail, they’ll never hire another person of color for this role.)

You’ve stepped into a leadership role within your organization, but you can’t shake the overwhelming feeling of self-doubt…


- or to lead.

Sis, that is no way to live

Avoiding taking on new challenges, which is limiting your career growth

Lying awake at night overthinking every little interaction

Procrastinating on important tasks out of fear of failure

Burnt out from working overtime to try to “prove yourself”

Hyperfocused on small tasks and reluctant to delegate

Hesitant to speak up in meetings and assert your authority

As a result, you are:


so you can begin showing up as the valued leader you’re meant to be (Hint: You do belong at the table)

How to kick imposter syndrome to the curb

so you can feel more confident and empowered in your role

How to combat that negative voice in your head

so you can begin to recognize the self-doubt for what it is (and stop letting it control you)

Where these anxieties come from, 

What You’ll Learn

You will leave this masterclass with the tools you need to confidently pull up a seat at the table, command the respect you deserve, and effectively lead your team.

When I first started my leadership journey as a corporate executive, I was immediately given patronizing advice on how to be "more like a leader."

I felt like I was constantly walking around trying to fit myself into some box of what a leader is supposed to be. On top of that, I felt the pressure of not only being a woman, but also a person of color in a predominantly white and male-dominated field. It was stifling.

And through 15+ years of Leadership Development work with many women of color leaders across a variety of industries, I have seen this to be a pervasive problem. It pains me to see such talented women, experts in their field, limit their potential due to these feelings of self-doubt.

It is my mission to help women lead authentically, grow courageously, and inspire greatness in others. And through this Masterclass, I am here to help you do just that.

Lead By Design Lab Founder
Your Coach and Facilitator

I’m LaToya Jordan

Hello there.

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CHAIR, African American and African Studies Department MICHIGAN STATE UNIVERSITY

Before hiring LaToya, I read every leadership book recommended to me and consulted with friends who were also leaders in their respective fields. As a result of working with her, I’ve gained increased confidence in my ability to lead and also received some real time problem solving techniques that work! I found additional capacity to lead from my strengths and gifts which gave me more courage to bring all of who I am to meet the moment. The best part of working with her is experiencing trustworthy, reliable, professional camaraderie that made me feel like I was not at all alone in my new leadership journey. I appreciated that she saw and heard me for who I am and encouraged me to try new practices that made for better results.

Our Results Speak for Themselves.

see what our clients have to say:

Dr. Donna Bacon Gilbert
Founder, Mid-Nassau Lend a Helping Hand Inc.

"Latoya has facilitated several leadership, and team, development workshops for the team. Through LaToya’s work, the team has greatly evolved its working relationship and have become a more effective unit.  We feel extremely fortunate to work with her. Her expertise, energetic style, and authentic demeanor allowed the team to connect with her and the content in a unique way." 


It’s time you start owning your success, feeling empowered as a leader, and being valued for your contributions

 - without the incessant voice of criticism and self-doubt in the back of your head.