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About Our founder

Hello! I’m LaToya Jordan, the Founder of Lead by Design Lab. Through this practice, I strive to live out my purpose of inspiring greatness in others.

I built LBD to support leaders in unique, human-centric ways in the areas of leadership coaching, team development, and organizational effectiveness. I also create bespoke offerings such as start-up retreats, accountability coaching for established and new entrepreneurs, and team interventions.

My journey into leadership development and design thinking began when I worked with student athletes at Marquette University. It was then that I discovered an innate ability to meaningfully connect with others while facilitating growth. This inspired me to earn my PhD in Organizational Psychology from Columbia University. Since then, I’ve trained countless leaders of all types – executives, small business owners, nonprofit leaders, mid-level managers, and emerging leaders. I’ve also taught executives design thinking principles (also know as human-centered design) at Stanford University and various organizations around the world.

Prior to starting LBD, I led several functions in corporate HR. I was the department head for Talent Management and Diversity at JetBlue, where I administered strategic talent planning, oversaw DEI initiatives, and served as an internal coach to leaders. I also advised leaders at organizations such as Pfizer, Jennison Associates, Columbia University, and the NAACP.

Now, I’m bringing these valuable experiences directly to those who strive to lead on purpose – and those who typically don’t have access to traditional leadership or organizational development programs. I also offer additional insight and tips on leadership practices over at the blog, In The Lab.

It would be my honor to join you on your leadership journey. To learn more about working together, contact me

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“My heart is to serve and develop people to reach their highest potential. I believe I’m here to do that!”